Bad News for Machado

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Machado was suspended five games, on Tuesday afternoon for his actions in Sunday’s benches-clearing incident with the Oakland Athletics, and he will appeal the punishment to try to lessen the sentence. At least, that’s the plan for now.

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“I think right now he’s going to appeal and take 24 hours to think about the next step,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said of Machado, who was ejected from the 11-1 loss after throwing his bat toward third base after consecutive brushback pitches from reliever Fernando Abad.

“Plus, probably the most important thing for him right now is make sure he puts the club in a position in case we make an adjustment in our roster,” Showalter said. “It’s a little short notice to get somebody here if he started [the suspension] tonight. I think that’s his biggest concern, trying to see if he can help us lessen the blow on the impact on the roster.”

The All-Star third baseman, who apologized for his actions on Monday, was also fined. Abad was not suspended, but he was also fined.

“I don’t really care,” Machado said of the different punishments. “He’s part of the Oakland A’s organization, and I’m a Baltimore Oriole. I know what I did and he knows what he did. We both got to pay for the consequences.

“Obviously, I talked to everybody — the team, the organization, myself. I’m just going to see where it goes.”

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